Amela husic 



Sit Down Series.

"Sifting through the detritus" 

by:Brock deboer



I had this crazy idea to host a podcast where I get the opportunity to share friends stories of what it takes to achieve, succeed and overcome todays challenges in their overly occupied and hectic lives.

In my free time I'm always diving into new articles about new drops, sneakers and modern art. i F$#&ing love coffee, visiting some selective coffee shops and exhibits in and around kansas city, missouri. 

"I'm trying to learn something new. I'm trying to surround myself with people that inspire me, or at least inquire similar desire."-kendrick lamar


the Exhibit

Where I give the guest the opportunity to share their favorite stuff.


Colin Clark


colin runs a lifestyle brand called strangle hold supply co, that combines both premium sport wear with streetwear. much of the line is proudly produced here in the USA with the most choice fabric sourced from all over the world.

    Episode 2

Micah Holdaway


As a licensed barber and hairstylist in the start of missouri, Micah crafts hair with a focus on the individual's personal style and hair characteristics. Your appointment is personal, allowing micah to focus all his energy on your particular service.

    Episode 3

EP3_ Streetwavve_ Nick HS 2-19.jpg

Nick Burke

Owner of Nick Nacs & SKIGGITY.SKIGGTY.






Born & raised in kcmo, i have always explored different art mediums. My favorite mediums are oil & spray paint. As an artist I try to bridge the gap between the two and create something meaningful. 

Episode 5


Kee-Young Kim


kee is always constantly seeking out inspiring food experiences through kanas city and more. He enjoys single malt whiskey to relax with. and is proud to be opening the first restAURANT IN KCMO DEDICATED TO HIGHLIGHTING KOREAN CUISINE.